What a Year

Wow looking back on it my 23rd year of life was quite an amazing one. I’ve been able to transition from a college student that had very little idea of what I was doing into a full blown adult with very little idea of what I’m doing.

I started this year graduating college after 5 years and finished up an internship with the Blackstone Launchpad.

I felt like I jumped into the adult world, jet set to work at a top digital marketing agency in NYC in the summer, working on virtual reality and augmented reality projects. It was truly a fun time to be able to live and work in New York City, reconnecting with old acquaintances and meeting new people. I was working hard on VR projects at work and would go home and work on VR projects of my own. Truly a fun time.

Breaking it down I came to the realization that I really enjoyed solving technical problems and building apps whether it was for the agency or my own ideas. However I did realize that I loved to solved my own ideas a little bit more, and doubled down on that thought. I ended up coming back to bozeman to work part time and focus on app creation and entrepreneurship.

It’s been a crazy time for the world of Virtual Reality as I’ve been able to really see the engagement grow over the last year. My VR apps were downloaded over 750,000 times in the last 12 months. This is pretty mind blowing with context about how that is more than a download a minute for every minute of the last year.

I’m excited to double down on building and updating my apps and focus on broadening the channel of creation over the rest of my life.

I’m find it fascinating that I can create something and the world will engage with it and then give me feedback. Looking back at it, this is my biggest motivation to continue to make things.

A big realization is that I really enjoy the act of creating technology never been dones, the idea of doing something with technology that has never been conceived.

I love the idea that I can think of something and then go out and actually figure out how to build it, and be one step closer to a future that I want to live in. This idea was felt to a big degree when I came back to Bozeman to work at the Launchpad again.

I came back because I found a lot of joy and benefit from sharing my entrepreneurship learnings and process with other students and had some big plans. At the beginning of the year I set the goal to go out and give a Tedx talk. I applied, got accepted for a different talk idea, went through the long process of writing a talk and then giving it. It was a tedious process, that I don’t think I will do again, but I’m thankful and glad I was able to do it.

This part of the year has been a time of reflection as I’ve put a lot of thought into the next steps of my life. If the 23rd year was the year when I transitioned into an adult career, the 24th will be the year that I will transition into a career as a full time creator. I feel like I’m touching the tip of the iceberg and with a little bit more drilling I’ll find gold, or something like that.

The big realization, Is that I need to embrace Youtube as a way to communicate and show my work, building and cultivating audience that will engage with my creations in a way that will build a following. I’m excited for what is in store and will be working hard to achieve the dream.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for reading this, your engagement with my ideas and content is eternal motivation and will continue to allow me to build the future!


4 thoughts on “What a Year

  1. Hey Andrew! Great work this year. You really have evolved over the past two years and focused your skill set. You have matured and excelled as an entrepreneur, mentor and friend. Peace!

  2. Hey Andrew – happy birthday!

    I’ve known you for nearly 18 months, and although we don’t speak often, I’m proud to know you.

    When we first spoke, in January 2015, I was blown away by the ambition and vision you communicated – and that was just about Project Tango.
    I couldn’t even understand how you had found your way to our community – and I was inspired by your motivation.
    It’s brilliant to see you smash it like this.

    Best wishes, Chuck xxx

  3. Great to read so much self-awareness from someone so young. (Still ;-)) Well done for listening to what makes you happiest and especially for sharing. Lovely to know you through HATCH.

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