The Power of Engaging

There is direct connection with a dopamine serotonin feel good response when someone likes, comments, follows and shares on social media. The engagement received helps validate the person’s existence.

This validation that social media provides ultimately empowers the user and does a lot of good in the world because of this. The confidence that social media provides is driving the world to be a more productive efficient place.

it’s crazy to think of how many things are done with posting it on social being the main motivation. I know when I personally am doing stuff I usually think of how to post about it on social. if I am backcountry skiing I usually think about how what my caption will be on my daily Instagram post on the skin up.

Not all social media is created equal. While I think it’s beneficial to be on all social media possible, some social media primarily is designed to just a waste of time. A key takeaway for all social media seems to be spend less time digesting content and more time creating content to be digested. Spending time making content and then analyzing the engagement over the past year has really helped me dial in my audience and construct posts to optimize for my audience.

There is a lot of power in engaging with others. Showing the love on social gives the feel good response to the recipient. When you like posts on facebook for instance, the algorithms on facebook are skewed so next time when you post on social the chance of the friend seeing your post are higher.

This summer I came across an open source script called the love machine. This script uses a headless web browser to log onto facebook and automatically like all posts on my timeline. Besides causing some weird conversations and one person getting very pissed off the benefits of the love machine have been very good. People generally feel good when the love machine likes their posts. They then have a positive reception of me and engage with my stuff more.

It’s really interesting to see how validating people around me affects my personal life. Lately I’ve been experimenting with trying to validate everyone around me by smiling, conversing and joking around everyone I see. Some people just laugh at me and think I’m weird. The connection I have been able to make with people just by smiling and being happy around them has helped me tremendously.

I’m going to vibrate higher then everyone else to try to pull everyone up around me.

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