New Update

My world has been pretty interesting lately and I haven’t really been blogging at all so I’m going to give a quick update.
This summer I spent interning down in New York City at a digital advertising agency. This was an amazing experience as I was able to work with professionals doing virtual reality development, which has been very stimulating and awesome. On top of that I was able to connect with my friends I grew up with in Connecticut and my father.

A very awesome experience, despite missing many of the luxuries I came to appreciate living in bozeman. R/GA ended up trying to get me to stay in New York which was a tough choice but I ultimately decided to go back to Bozeman. As I had an opportunity to work at the Blackstone Launchpad in Bozeman Montana
In between the bounce back to Bozeman I ended up going to burning man, which was fun and really cool experience. It was awesome to see all the hard work artists put in but felt a lot like it was just something a lot of rich people do to check off their bucket list.
I’ve been back in Bozeman for 1 month and have been having a blast super fun to experience the mountains again. As far as professional life goes I’m consulting with student entrepreneurs in the Blackstone launchpad and volunteering with big sky youth empowerment. I’m having a great time and I really feel like I’m helping adding value to the community.
I also managed to sign on as a remote associate software developer for r/ga. I start October 13th and am excited for the opportunity.
If I have time in between all these things, I have some rad development personal project that I’ve been working on.
I’m fired up to be working hard at these things for the next couple years and can’t wait to see where it takes me as I feel like I’m on the cutting edge of several emerging things.
It’s been a little interesting to think that I graduated college with a film degree and I’ve spent the last 5 months doing very unrelated things. I’ve been thinking of how film falls into all this other stuff and I think I found the answer. Over the summer I purchased a 360 camera and have been playing around with that a lot. I’m about to preorder a new one that I should get by then end of the month. I’ve been watching a lot of 360 content on Youtube and it’s clear this is a new medium with a lot of potential, but a lot to master. I’m going to push my self to release 360 content on YouTube every day ┬áin order to master this new medium.

There is so much potential but most people don’t have a comprehensive understand to work with 360 video to the full extent that it can be mastered. I feel like this is my opportunity to work towards meshing everything I love into one medium that will help propel my creativity forward.
The future Is looking rad.

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