Lifestyle changes to perform.

On Saturday I will turn the ripe age of 22. I’m convinced that this will be the most productive year of my life. Over the past year I have made many lifestyle changes in order to optimize my performance and efficiency as a human being. The positive changes in my life have been astounding and I believe i’m making strides to become the optimal version of me. I’m going to share some changes, why I made them and things I still wish to improve. Hopefully these things will help you improve your life.

1. Diet

By far the biggest change I’ve made is improving my diet to eat as healthy as possible. I’m a firm believer that you are what you eat and your mental and physical performance is directly connected to what you put in you. This is a very complex subject that requires many word to describe but i’ll try to summarize.
The most important thing is that I stopped just looking at the nutritional value of food and also took anti nutritional value of food into account. This caused me to eliminate or try to avoid many foods in my diet. The elimination of wheat due to gluten’s inflammation properties and it’s effects on the brain is the biggest step in the right direction. Corn was avoided as much as possible because it does not digest to well in stomachs and has a high chance of being contaminated with mold. Soy was completely eliminated because of the anti nutrients that effect absorption of micronutrients. Dairy except whey protein and butter was avoided because it’s very inflammatory. Sugar, mainly Fructose is avoided as much as possible because of the effect on spiking blood sugar and all the studies i’ve seen link sugar intake to poor health.

With all those fun foods eliminated my food cravings needed to change. I’ve been slowly changing from craving sugar and carbs to craving high quality fats. When you look at if from an evolutionary perspective the human being is designed to be a fat burning machine. The modern diet is far from what humans used to eat. I’ve been savoring eating high quality fats from cows, coconuts, avocados, eggs and fish. Protein mainly comes from cows, fish, and eggs. Carbs come from sweet potatoes and white rice. These seven things are eaten with cooked vegetables. My diet is very simple but has cause my brain to work better and my body to look better then ever before. Going into the future I hope to completely eliminate some foods that I avoid currently,

2. Drugs

The next huge step i’ve made is removing all harmful drugs and incorporating helpful ones. Removing alcohol for me personally was easy due to never really liking the hangovers. Weed was a lot harder due to it’s less harmful side effects. One night about a month ago I ate a lot of weed butter and got uncomfortably high. Since that day I’ve been living sober, and all the studies showing weeds long term ability to restructure the brain have convinced me to not go back. I have been focusing on getting the correct supplements and have been playing around with nootropics, mainly piracetam. Going forward i’m only going to ingest drugs if they increase my brain metabolism with no negative effects.

3. Body

I have been focusing on moving things to gain muscle mass. I’ve been doing high intensity cardio interval workouts and compound strength exercises. The main strength workouts i’ve been doing are pull ups, elevated push ups, military presses, power cleans, L sits and one legged body weight squats. Going forward I hope to increase the frequency and intensity of my workouts.

4. Environment changes

These changes have mainly been to reduce stress and better my life. I’ve been focusing on reclaiming my circadian rhythm by eliminating blue light at night and running my computer and phone on flux at night. I have focused on hygiene by cleaning my personal space up more then usual. This is definitely the area of life that has seen a lot of changes but needs a lot more work to be optimal. I need to focus on not just cleaning but organizing and consolidating everything I own. I’ve have also tried to improve my social life by being more open to the peers around me. I could also improve this because i spend a lot of time alone doing my own thing, when i could be better off collaborating with more people.

Looking at these changes its clear I have built strong pillars in my life that can be built on. In the next year i’m going to work on improving the foundation.

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