Life in Review: 4/09/14 Skullet Brand Positioning

What a hectic week its been. Startup weekend went down this weekend and despite getting very nervous and screwing up my pitch I had a great time networking in the startup community. It’s amazing how talented the entrepreneurs are in Bozeman, truly inspiring. The people i worked with on my team were fucking Awesome!

I got inspired to start crushing the website design and game development a lot more. Solving problems on computers is one of the most fulfilling things I can do, it truly makes me feel good. I’ve been polishing a version of the game 2048 that receives input from the accelerometer. I’m shooting for sending it to the ios and play store at the end of this week. It’s going to be my first mobile game published and i’m stoked! I couldn’t have done it without the open source community and will most likely release it open source.

I’m way stoked to test my skills as a rapid game developer this weekend as i’m participating in the Lundum dare game challenge. Pretty much it’s and online game challenge where you get a theme and have a weekend to make a game. I’m stoked but it probably won’t be that good as its closing weekend at bridger so my days will be skiing for a couple hours and then coding all night.

I’m also planning out the subie lovers website. It’s going to be a dating website for subaru owners. It’s going to get weird.

Speaking of getting weird, Cory Babb shaved the top of my head so I have a sick nasty skullet. I originally wanted to do it because i wanted to experiment with a haircut that attracts as much attention as possible. My marketing class today was about brand positioning, i realized that my hair cut positions the Andrew Nakas brand as a very unique and weird brand. I don’t think i’ll get tired of seeing people stare at me.

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