Life in Review 4/02.14: Turn up for Pitchfire.

Big weekend on the horizons. I’ll be participating in startup weekend Bozeman. Pretty much ill be participating with many like minded individuals to attempt to start successful start ups over the course of a weekend. It’s going to be a very concentrated and hectic learning and building environment. The business for me starts tomorrow morning with an exam and presentation in two of my classes. After that the fun begins, there will be a talk from the owner of sola cafe for the Blackstone launch pad. This will be a very great learning experience  as the owner is apparently a very interesting and successful Entrepreneur. After that it will be 6 hours of refueling and preparing my pitch. Startup weekend starts at 6 with networking and then quickly jumps into a pitchfire event. This is when it starts to get real hectic, with 60 second pitches. The pitchfire section determines what ideas get picked and what comapanies will get started over the weekend.

It’s crazy how much rests on that short pitch fire series. I’m definitely a little nervous but i’m happy how my pitch has been shaping up.  I’m pitching a smartphone map application that allows the user to control the camera with the gyroscope. This will allow the user to transition from just being a birds eye in the sky to be able to gain perspective on the terrain around them. regardless if the pitch gets pick or not its going to be an amazing weekend of creation that will cause me to grow as a person.

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