Life in Ketosis

Before the dawn of civilization humans were stuck in Africa eating mainly meat and stuff they can find. Glucose and carbs were a rarity as fat and protein made up the majority of every persons diet. People evolved and sustained on animal fat and organ meats for quite some time. When looking at the humans digestive system, it’s clear that we were designed to be fat burning machines. Then civilization came along and we figured out how to grow large amounts grains. This allowed people to come together and survive longer due to grains storage abilities. This was a double edged sword as they had less trouble running out of food but they lived unhealthier lives as grains are virtually devoid of nutrients. If you flash forward to today the high sugar high carb american diet is very far from what humans evolved to eat. Sure you are what you eat, but very little of you is made from carbs or sugars. Most everything your body makes comes from amino acids and fats. With that being said it’s crucial to get energy from high quality fats, complete proteins, and clean low toxin carbs.

One interesting experiment i’ve been doing for the past couple weeks is trying to emulate how the people did it back in the day, at least in the morning. I do this by avoiding carbohydrates when I wake up in the morning. This forces my body to digest fat for energy and be in a state of ketosis. I’ve noticed many positive effects from this. The big one is my food craving are significantly reduced. Instead of my body telling me it wants more carbs every two hours, when my body runs out of ketones it simply just digests my fat it has stored on it. While after sustained prolong activity in ketosis some food cravings are still there, they are different. Instead of my stomach churning in pain asking from some rice, it’s more like a ok you should eat sometime soon or you wont be able to recover for tomorrow. It feel’s real nice. The other main advantage is razor sharp focus. They have done studies on this and the human brain actually prefers to use ketones for energy. I find I can focus a lot better on tasks which is big, because i’ve have been diagnosed with adhd. It’s a very complex issue still not fully figured out. I suggest you read this post for more information on the subject.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t jumped on the paleo grains are bad bandwagon. I Still eat a ton of carbs, as they are crucial for athletic performance. I just make sure they are clean and usually don’t eat them till after 2 in the afternoon.

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