I like Self Validation.

In pre civilization times human beings were simple creatures. The tribal life was for them and they enjoyed a good night with their closest tribesmen around the campfire. For hundreds of thousands of years the Homo genus developed this way.

All it took was a couple seeds. A couple seeds the led to the birth of agriculture and the start of humanity. The next 10,000 years the human species used technology to solve problems and exponentially grow as a species.

The environment that humans live in today, is more different from pre civ days than ever before. While it’s getting more and more different technology is making it more and more easier to survive. I’n the next 100 years humanity will play a tough technology versus environment battle.

It’s fascinating how rapidly the internet has changed humans in such a short amount of time. It’s has really connected everybody and has brought forth a global tribe somewhat mimicking connection felt in the pre civ tribes. People connected to the internet feel like they have a global voice in the state of the world around them through the internet.

It’s crazy how much good this is doing for humanity.

The effect of social media in just the sheer motivational potential is astounding. Using peoples personal networks to validate themselves is a genius idea that gets people motivated to do things to get those likes.



One thought on “I like Self Validation.

  1. Andrew,

    Like this. Think the this overall viewpoint is seductive, but masks some underlying subtleties that are very important to think about. The glaring omission is the prevalence of violence as a mode of human communication. From the time of the apes, bands, tribes, and family groups that were able to organize larger numbers for offense (rent seeking behavior in the modern economy) or defense were selected for. This trend has continued through out the entirety of human history and has been a major driver of technological development.

    The pervasive idea that this rapid progression of technology is blanket good for society is wide spread but potentially misleading. Modern totalitarianism of the type practiced in China is a prime example. There are two sides to every coin. Modern communications technology reduces latency between people. This is neither good nor evil. It is. An important thing to remember.


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