Gamification of Mobile Games

The most valuable return on investment any indie unity3d mobile game developer could do is purchase and integrate the iOS native plugin into their games.

The app gives you easy access to many features that dramatically increase the appeal and social aspects of the games.

Some notable features are Game Center integration, Facebook and Twitter posting, and Multiplayer.

Game Center integration is definitely a must have for any developer looking to publish his apps on the iOS platform. The game center page happens to have a fb like button and a rate me button to onboard users and increase position in the search engine result pages (serps). The leaderboards allow users to see how they compete with the world. The achievement section seems kind of interesting but ultimately a weak feature unless it was integrated well. Achievements just award fake points for accomplishments. Achievements are definitely one of the weakest form of gamifying available as they lack the social element. Still the usually don’t hurt and can complete some games.

On the flip side of the equation multiplayer is definitely one of the strongest forms of gamifying available, giving some of the most powerful social connections available in games. The sheer fact that the user knows he is playing against a real human makes the appeal of the game goes through the roof. This can be taken advantage of dramatically in mobile, as most games have a notoriously hard time bringing users back to play more. When you incorporate good multiplayer experiences users will want to log in more to play a game that is always different due to the human element. Obviously multiplayer seems like a lot of scripting to implement but it is getting surprisingly easier to make multiplayer with services like Photon and Game Center multiplayer.

When you look at apps and their ability to be viral and shared, is definitely aided by the ability to connect to social. A game that is shared on social is tenfold more likely to go viral then one that isn’t. The problem lies in getting the user to share on social. Most of the time the conversion rate is small due to most users ignoring the feature due to lack of interest in the brand. Still social shareing can be very helpful by potentially captureing new customers.

iOS native unlocks the true power of the iOS Game Center into easy to use C# functions, allowing unity3d developers to rapidly add helpful plugins, that will rapidly increase the appeal of indie developer games.

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