Modern Disaster Scenerios.

Humanity is in a very interesting time. We still have a lot of problems with society, but the gap between the creation of ideas to solve the problems and the actual solving of problems has never been smaller.

I truly believe that humanity is at a point where we a so close to using technology to solve all our problems. With the advent of the computer revolution in the 90s and the 2000s we are quickly being thrown into a huge manufacturing revolution. Computer automation is going to dramaticly lower the costs of manufacturing while simultaneously increasing the quality of products.

Currently we are destroying the planet at an alarmingly fast rate with overpopulation and the increasing use of non renewable resources. The alarmist way to think about it is that we are digging ourself in to a hole faster and faster with no way to dig ourselfs out.

The more optimistic capitalistic way to look at it is that technology is driving down the costs of clean energy generation and sustainable practices at a fast rate. It will take some time but the price of solar will become cheaper then coal and there will be a time when electric cars are cheaper and better then gasoline cars. It is that point when we will finnly have started digging our selfs out.

It’s going to be facinating to look at how humanity develops at the intersection of technogy and climate change. I like to occasionally think of scenerios of what would happen in the future if x would happen.

One of the strangest senerios that I like to think about is the food shortage senerio. Their are 7 billion people on this planet. The senerio plays out with some big distaster that effects all of humanity. This distaster would dramatically reduce the amount food growth on the planet.

These next couple years would be quite a crazy time and I would hope that I have a spot in a bunker connected to the Internet to see the chaos go down safely.

With food shortages, food prices will skyrocket and people will go hungry. People are 9 meals away from complete anarchy. If the family is starving in the safe house the breadwinner will go out and do drastic things to find or steal food.

Still I like to be optimistic about the theroy. I would think people would stay connected through technology and help each other survive but realistically when people have families to feed, people become selfish very quickly.

Let’s say massive food shortages cause a massive population shortage. This seems bad on paper, but actually will most likly help society in the long run. The people who survived will be the ones that are able to use technology and stockpiles to survive. Those survivors will be the perfect candidates to rebuild the world towords sustanibility. It would be a lot easier to move towards sustainability if there was let’s say a 50% population reduction.

It’s crazy to think about how the future may play out.