Actualizing the Ideal Self.

This weekend, on Saturday I had the opportunity to go biking in the Tobacco Roots mountain range with friends. The bike ride ended up on top of a very large smooth mountain. The mountain had 20 to 25 degree slopes with smooth dirt on all sides. I had gotten several great photos and videos of the event and decided to post two on Instagram the next day.

The first video showed everyone on the trip biking from the top at the same time. The video is a good portrayal of the actual event that took pace, objectively observing the activity of mountain biking.

The second picture I decided to post was originally this. Gunnar Oliphant changed his hiking position to make the run look steeper and I tilted my camera to artificially increase the angle.


I then Photoshopped it by stretching the mountains to represent the ideal self which was posted on Instagram.


As of writing this the video got 37 likesĀ on Instagram and the Photoshopped picture got 74 likes. I’m definitely posting more ideal self pictures in the future. It is great that at least one of my friends Evan Schock called me out on the falseness of the photo.


Flowing in the business world

Tonight marks the second week of business classes. I feel like the 5 business classes I’m taking right now are providing a very mixed and balanced learning experience. Its feels great seeing the business classes from an outsiders perspective. It has definitely put me in the flow state and exposed me to a lot of new ideas. I have came up with several great ideas and solved countless problems in the last two weeks partly due to this new energy i’ve gotten from taking these classes. Using what I learned in Jake Cook’s and James Oakley’s classes I was able to come up with a businesses model for my gyroscope software company. in Graham Austins class is gained a better understanding on the customers attraction to social media.

I asked my food entrepreneurship teacher if she thought it was possible to take on too many ideas at once. She thought so and I think she is partly right. For now i’m going to take on a lot of things.

My main time sinks right now are.
Game Design
Vr gyroscope concept
Quantified Sleep Alarm

I’m am going to start increasing the creation of things to position myself as an innovator in as many fields as possible. I have the ideas. I just need to execute.