The Wonderful World of Farm to Table.

This past week I started a class in the sustainable food school at MSU called Culinary Marketing:Farm to Table. It’s up there with the Guerrilla Marketing class I took earlier this year as one of the coolest classes I have taken at MSU. The Farm part of the class is working at a local CSA organic farm and it is awesome. I defiantly feel like an outsider which is a good thing. While I have a Garden at my house I am definitely a novice when it comes to food systems. I am trying to be a sponge on the farm days, as it will defiantly help everything in my life. It’s fascinating how calculated everything has to be, it does not seem to far off from my realm of software development. Farming well requires the right inputs and solutions to get the right output, just like programming but more dirty. I am excited to see where it goes and what i can learn, as food systems are something that have a lot of room for innovation.

The table part of the class is something where I have a lot more experience with. Every farm day we pick one food item, that we build a recipe out of and cook and eat it for lunch the next day. It’s a really cool idea where the class gets to try some awesome food and develop our culinary skills. The one downside to this concept is that it pretty much has to be a cheat meal for me as I will have to eat many foods that I would never buy and prepare for myself.

Over the past year I have developed a very strong relationship with food as I have finally understood the connection clean eating has with mental and physical performance. I have made strides in eating the cleanest most nutrient dense low inflammation diet that I could come up with and afford. I’m a working member at the co-op to afford these high quality meals that I look for. The problem with eating very clean is that you have to eliminate many foods that the average consumer eats. I personally avoid wheat, corn, dairy, sugar, fruit, soy, vegetable oil, industrial meat and high toxin fish. I find when I avoid these foods my brain works the best and I feel awesome.

The problem with the table part of the class is that pretty much every single meal people make in the class will have one or more of these ingredients. I decided I can’t say no to most good tasting food so I will make an exception for that one cheat meal. There are a few things that I will not eat, mainly gluten or very heat damaged vegetable oils but beside those things I am excited to try what the rest of my class makes.

The knowledge I learn in this class will help me in my path to become a foodpreneur. I can’t wait.


My morning routine.

I’ve been getting into a solid morning routine. I find this grounds me and is the one stable thing that keeps me anchored and able to crush the rest of the day. Knowing what i’m going to do every morning also allows me to not spend any time deciding what to do and just do it.

I usually wake up between 8 and 9. I find I am a night person so waking up earlier is hard. Latly I have been working ending my nights sooner to be more productive in the morning. When I wake up I turn my phone off of airplane mode to check and social media updates over night. This is definitely a part of my morning that would make me better off if i omit it but that satisfaction of seeing notifications makes me feel good. I then get out of bed drink water and go to the bathroom. I then stubble into the kitchen to start making breakfast. Breakfast for me is the same thing every day. 3 eggs cooked sunny side up cooked in butter with coffee and mct oil. I find this breakfast gives me the most energy to start my day. After breakfast is finished, I create a rough plan to do with goals to accomplish for the day. My simple routine is over and I start my day.

I would like to improve this morning routine by planning my day better and meditating for 10 minutes every morning.


New chapter in my life

As I sit on my standing desk in my cluttered room on a rather cold and cloudy june 14th typing away on my keyboard listening to the new Tim Ferriss productivity podcast, things have changed. Not a lot is different, but I feel different. On Friday morning I released my first game 2048 gravity to the iphone app store and google play store. While the game is just a clone of 2048 with a more imprecise way to control the tiles, it feels gratifying to go through the process of creating a game and getting feed back and seeing how people perceive it. Currently the app only has one rating on the google play store and it is 1 star.

While 2048 gravity has a unique way to control the tiles, itdoes not bring any thing overly new or fun to the table and thus is ultimately doomed to fail and be forgotten in the cut throat world of mobile games. Still for me it is viewed as a huge step in the right direction on the path towards victory. Now I know the process create, test and summit a mobile game online. The marketing part is still a little of a mystery. I’m going to use this knowledge to make more games.

I’m already working on my next game. Be on the look out for a smartphone accelerometer based version of Not Snake.
Check out a rough computer prototype here.


Working around stress and leisure,

Focus is defined as lack of distraction. Increasing my work ethic with no pressing deadlines has been a hard mental challenge. The world is filled with stressors and leisure activity. The stressors unless directly applied to work take up time and thought pushing you farther away from your goal. Leisure on the other hand can relieve stress and remind you of the joys of life, but can be taken too far and then occupy to much time minimizing amount of work. Also when I get back from a leisure activity my brain is overloaded with input and more likely to relax then to focus on work.

I am going to work on things to maximize my work ethic as much as possible.

1. Always be challenging and pushing myself to work hard and distraction free. This one is pretty obvious but when I say I’m going to work I need to actually do it not surf reddit. That means not checking any other website that will provide distractions and constantly be imposing my own deadlines and goals to get things done on time.

2. Manage stress well. When stress comes up in my life i need to deal with it as efficiently as possible. One problem I have encountered is I deal with stress and then it’s occupying the back of my mind serverly affecting my work ethic.

3. Manage leisure well. This one is hard be activities are fun. I need to minimize non physical leisure as much as possible as there is little benefit. Physical leisure is beneficial and helpful, but i need to work on turning it off and on to get right back on working on the computer and no switching to non physical leisure after physical leisure.

If i do all these things I should become a lean dream working machine.



Its been a minute since I posted on the blog. Life is sweet right now. I’ve really increase my positive habits and have been doing everything possible to be a better person.

I’m three weeks into a cyclical ketosis diet. It’s definitely the healthiest diet i have ever eaten. 6 days out of the week i eat a nutrient dense high fat, low protein and low carb diet. Those days I’m pretty much only eating vegetables healthy oils and meat. This puts my body in a state of ketosis which makes me super focused and burning fat constantly while keeping blood sugar stable and sparing muscle. On the seventh day my glucose stores are depleted and I eat a high carb, low protein, low fat diet to recharge my liver a muscles for another week of glorious suffering.

I got a kayak in april and have been slaying whitewater hard. I can best describe kayaking as skiing with your hands in an avalanche. It’s very different and very scary. I’m way stoked to do it and get more comfortable with it. One of the most fun things about kayaking is catching waves on the river and surfing them. Surfing endless waves in a mini boat is a very surreal experience.

I’m about 200 hours deep into my most polished video game yet. I’m going to summit it to the iOS store this week and android store next week, to hopefully get approved and on the stores sometime next week. I can’t wait to be an official mobile indie game developer.

Doing all these things i’ve been really maximizing the time i’m spending in the flow state. I’m surfing the endless wave of life and about to get super pitted.