Life in Ketosis

Before the dawn of civilization humans were stuck in Africa eating mainly meat and stuff they can find. Glucose and carbs were a rarity as fat and protein made up the majority of every persons diet. People evolved and sustained on animal fat and organ meats for quite some time. When looking at the humans digestive system, it’s clear that we were designed to be fat burning machines. Then civilization came along and we figured out how to grow large amounts grains. This allowed people to come together and survive longer due to grains storage abilities. This was a double edged sword as they had less trouble running out of food but they lived unhealthier lives as grains are virtually devoid of nutrients. If you flash forward to today the high sugar high carb american diet is very far from what humans evolved to eat. Sure you are what you eat, but very little of you is made from carbs or sugars. Most everything your body makes comes from amino acids and fats. With that being said it’s crucial to get energy from high quality fats, complete proteins, and clean low toxin carbs.

One interesting experiment i’ve been doing for the past couple weeks is trying to emulate how the people did it back in the day, at least in the morning. I do this by avoiding carbohydrates when I wake up in the morning. This forces my body to digest fat for energy and be in a state of ketosis. I’ve noticed many positive effects from this. The big one is my food craving are significantly reduced. Instead of my body telling me it wants more carbs every two hours, when my body runs out of ketones it simply just digests my fat it has stored on it. While after sustained prolong activity in ketosis some food cravings are still there, they are different. Instead of my stomach churning in pain asking from some rice, it’s more like a ok you should eat sometime soon or you wont be able to recover for tomorrow. It feel’s real nice. The other main advantage is razor sharp focus. They have done studies on this and the human brain actually prefers to use ketones for energy. I find I can focus a lot better on tasks which is big, because i’ve have been diagnosed with adhd. It’s a very complex issue still not fully figured out. I suggest you read this post for more information on the subject.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t jumped on the paleo grains are bad bandwagon. I Still eat a ton of carbs, as they are crucial for athletic performance. I just make sure they are clean and usually don’t eat them till after 2 in the afternoon.


Lifestyle changes to perform.

On Saturday I will turn the ripe age of 22. I’m convinced that this will be the most productive year of my life. Over the past year I have made many lifestyle changes in order to optimize my performance and efficiency as a human being. The positive changes in my life have been astounding and I believe i’m making strides to become the optimal version of me. I’m going to share some changes, why I made them and things I still wish to improve. Hopefully these things will help you improve your life.

1. Diet

By far the biggest change I’ve made is improving my diet to eat as healthy as possible. I’m a firm believer that you are what you eat and your mental and physical performance is directly connected to what you put in you. This is a very complex subject that requires many word to describe but i’ll try to summarize.
The most important thing is that I stopped just looking at the nutritional value of food and also took anti nutritional value of food into account. This caused me to eliminate or try to avoid many foods in my diet. The elimination of wheat due to gluten’s inflammation properties and it’s effects on the brain is the biggest step in the right direction. Corn was avoided as much as possible because it does not digest to well in stomachs and has a high chance of being contaminated with mold. Soy was completely eliminated because of the anti nutrients that effect absorption of micronutrients. Dairy except whey protein and butter was avoided because it’s very inflammatory. Sugar, mainly Fructose is avoided as much as possible because of the effect on spiking blood sugar and all the studies i’ve seen link sugar intake to poor health.

With all those fun foods eliminated my food cravings needed to change. I’ve been slowly changing from craving sugar and carbs to craving high quality fats. When you look at if from an evolutionary perspective the human being is designed to be a fat burning machine. The modern diet is far from what humans used to eat. I’ve been savoring eating high quality fats from cows, coconuts, avocados, eggs and fish. Protein mainly comes from cows, fish, and eggs. Carbs come from sweet potatoes and white rice. These seven things are eaten with cooked vegetables. My diet is very simple but has cause my brain to work better and my body to look better then ever before. Going into the future I hope to completely eliminate some foods that I avoid currently,

2. Drugs

The next huge step i’ve made is removing all harmful drugs and incorporating helpful ones. Removing alcohol for me personally was easy due to never really liking the hangovers. Weed was a lot harder due to it’s less harmful side effects. One night about a month ago I ate a lot of weed butter and got uncomfortably high. Since that day I’ve been living sober, and all the studies showing weeds long term ability to restructure the brain have convinced me to not go back. I have been focusing on getting the correct supplements and have been playing around with nootropics, mainly piracetam. Going forward i’m only going to ingest drugs if they increase my brain metabolism with no negative effects.

3. Body

I have been focusing on moving things to gain muscle mass. I’ve been doing high intensity cardio interval workouts and compound strength exercises. The main strength workouts i’ve been doing are pull ups, elevated push ups, military presses, power cleans, L sits and one legged body weight squats. Going forward I hope to increase the frequency and intensity of my workouts.

4. Environment changes

These changes have mainly been to reduce stress and better my life. I’ve been focusing on reclaiming my circadian rhythm by eliminating blue light at night and running my computer and phone on flux at night. I have focused on hygiene by cleaning my personal space up more then usual. This is definitely the area of life that has seen a lot of changes but needs a lot more work to be optimal. I need to focus on not just cleaning but organizing and consolidating everything I own. I’ve have also tried to improve my social life by being more open to the peers around me. I could also improve this because i spend a lot of time alone doing my own thing, when i could be better off collaborating with more people.

Looking at these changes its clear I have built strong pillars in my life that can be built on. In the next year i’m going to work on improving the foundation.


Life in Review: 4/09/14 Skullet Brand Positioning

What a hectic week its been. Startup weekend went down this weekend and despite getting very nervous and screwing up my pitch I had a great time networking in the startup community. It’s amazing how talented the entrepreneurs are in Bozeman, truly inspiring. The people i worked with on my team were fucking Awesome!

I got inspired to start crushing the website design and game development a lot more. Solving problems on computers is one of the most fulfilling things I can do, it truly makes me feel good. I’ve been polishing a version of the game 2048 that receives input from the accelerometer. I’m shooting for sending it to the ios and play store at the end of this week. It’s going to be my first mobile game published and i’m stoked! I couldn’t have done it without the open source community and will most likely release it open source.

I’m way stoked to test my skills as a rapid game developer this weekend as i’m participating in the Lundum dare game challenge. Pretty much it’s and online game challenge where you get a theme and have a weekend to make a game. I’m stoked but it probably won’t be that good as its closing weekend at bridger so my days will be skiing for a couple hours and then coding all night.

I’m also planning out the subie lovers website. It’s going to be a dating website for subaru owners. It’s going to get weird.

Speaking of getting weird, Cory Babb shaved the top of my head so I have a sick nasty skullet. I originally wanted to do it because i wanted to experiment with a haircut that attracts as much attention as possible. My marketing class today was about brand positioning, i realized that my hair cut positions the Andrew Nakas brand as a very unique and weird brand. I don’t think i’ll get tired of seeing people stare at me.


Life in Review 4/02.14: Turn up for Pitchfire.

Big weekend on the horizons. I’ll be participating in startup weekend Bozeman. Pretty much ill be participating with many like minded individuals to attempt to start successful start ups over the course of a weekend. It’s going to be a very concentrated and hectic learning and building environment. The business for me starts tomorrow morning with an exam and presentation in two of my classes. After that the fun begins, there will be a talk from the owner of sola cafe for the Blackstone launch pad. This will be a very great learning experience  as the owner is apparently a very interesting and successful Entrepreneur. After that it will be 6 hours of refueling and preparing my pitch. Startup weekend starts at 6 with networking and then quickly jumps into a pitchfire event. This is when it starts to get real hectic, with 60 second pitches. The pitchfire section determines what ideas get picked and what comapanies will get started over the weekend.

It’s crazy how much rests on that short pitch fire series. I’m definitely a little nervous but i’m happy how my pitch has been shaping up.  I’m pitching a smartphone map application that allows the user to control the camera with the gyroscope. This will allow the user to transition from just being a birds eye in the sky to be able to gain perspective on the terrain around them. regardless if the pitch gets pick or not its going to be an amazing weekend of creation that will cause me to grow as a person.


Life in review 4/2/14: The Flow State

I’m currently typing this on a walking treadmill desk setup in the Msu gym. I find the walking causes my thought process to really turn on. It’s definitely related to the whole evolution thing, humans are definitely designed to think and walk. I listened to a sweet podcast the other day on the bulletproof exec all about the dude who wrote the rise of superman. This guy coined the term flow state and connected it to action sports among other things. Pretty much it’s a state where the brain is cocktailing all its chemicals it can make to create maximum performance. This improves fluid intelligence, learning, empathy and athletic performance. The rise of superman talks about the elite action sports athletes and how they have to get into the flow state in order to do the amazing things that they do. The flow state also applies to start ups, computer science and pretty much anything involving creativity.

This idea really connected things that I like to do. It’s this subconscious love of being the flow state, the feeling that your creating things at an optimal level that i’ve been striving to achieve. Wether it’s solving problems in computer science land or finding tranny downhill mountain biking or working on a new business plan the feeling is very similar. I’ve realized I can live my life at full potential if I try to get in this state as much as possible. Slowly over the last year i’ve without knowing it made small changes in lifestyle to be more optimal. After yesterday, a lot of dots were connected. I now have a clear over arching goal to achieve. The flow state is when I feel and function best and its a state that i’m, going to be in as much as possible.

P.S Im going to write my thoughts here as much as possible as it feels really good, and I have a lot of thoughts that I would just ignore unless I write them down. Ill expand on this idea of the flow state in the upcoming days…. big week coming up.